3 Advanced SEO Techniques Everybody Needs To Know About

Are you curious to learn some advanced SEO techniques that will give your website a real boost in the search engines, and ultimately help you win new leads and sales for your business? If so, this guide from the Calgary SEO company CWIM is going to shed some light on the subject and give you the information you’re looking for.

First of all, there’s no denying that you can achieve lots of success in the search engines simply by following the basics of content optimization and off-site link building. But if you have some killer advanced techniques that few people know about, then you have the potential to leap ahead of your competition.

Technique 1 – optimize your content for the Hummingbird algorithm

Google have made several important algorithm updates over the last few years, but one of the most overlooked is something known as the Hummingbird algorithm which simply focuses on understanding conversational search terms.

Fortunately, this represents a fantastic opportunity for anybody who is willing to add the appropriate content to their website. But what content should you focus on? The secret is to use content that centers around long tail search terms with a question orientated theme.

As an example of this, rather than optimizing for the keyword “best plumber New York”, perhaps you could focus on “who’s the best plumber in the New York area?”.

This subtle change to your content titles can have a real impact on the amount of long tail search traffic you draw in for this type of search term and related terms.

GoogleHummingbirdTechnique 2 – use LSI in your content marketing

Most people are unaware of the importance that keywords hold when it comes to optimizing for top search engine results. However, fewer people understand the true power of latent semantic indexing ñ otherwise known as LSI.

This technique relies on a mathematical formula that finds related keywords within any given paragraph of content. Interestingly, Google places a lot of weight on the LSI co-occurrence within your content, and implementing this technique will often make your content theme more relevant for any given search term, ultimately resulting in better rankings and more long tail search traffic.

Technique 3 – spy on your competitors search traffic

Another sneaky tactic you can use to get the jump on your competition is to use websites such as SEM Rush to spy on the search engine strategies that your competition is using.

These advanced keyword research tools will allow you to uncover fantastic keywords and overlooked niches that your competition is profiting from. In many cases, you’ll be able to glean several new keywords that are relevant to your target market, as well as being low enough in competition to allow you to compete relatively easily with little additional cost.


Overall, it’s safe to say that you can achieve excellent results when you focus on your search engine marketing skills, even if you just master the basics. But by implementing several advanced SEO techniques, you can kick your online business into overdrive.